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Recent Changes

Flickr Enlarger now supports HD video! You can now enlarge HD videos on Flickr to their full 720p glory, if available. So what are you waiting for, start enlarging videos today! The full details can be seen in the API documentation below.

What is Flickr Enlarger?

Flickr Enlarger is a super simple way to view a Flickr photo on any color background you wish. It was created by me, Jay Williams, after I finally got fed up with the clutter similar services added around my photos. And I figured, if I was going to go through all the trouble to build something, I might as well make it better than the other services, by making it easier and more flexible to use.

So, How Do I Use Flickr Enlarger?

Good Question, there are three ways to use Flickr Enlarger:

  1. Manually copy/paste your Flickr Photo URL

    Want full control over how your enlarged photo will look? Than this is the best method. But it also requires the most time, as you will need to get the unique enlarged photo URL for each of the photos you wish to enlarge, and add it to your photo’s description. This is exactly how similar services, such as View On Black, work.

  2. Put an auto-link to Flickr Enlarger in your photo’s description

    This is the easiest way to allow people to enlarge your photo. And best of all, you can apply it to a batch of photos at once! Simply add a link to Flickr Enlarger, like this: <a href="">Enlarge This Photo</a> to your photo’s description, and Flickr Enlarger will auto-magically determine which photo to display. Neat, eh? Note: a few web browsers might not work with this method.

  3. Use a Javascript Bookmarklet

    If you want to enlarge a Flickr photo, even if there isn’t an enlarge link in the description, this is the easiest way. Just add the Flickr Enlarger bookmarklet to your browser. Then, anytime you are browsing a Flickr photo, just click on the bookmarklet, it will instantly enlarge the photo.

    Just bookmark the link below, or drag and drop the link to your browser’s bookmark bar.


Why Isn’t My Photo Being Enlarged?

If the photographer has marked the photo “All Rights Reserved” and has disabled downloading, the photo will not be enlarged. In addition to this, Flickr Enlarger will also employ anti-downloading techniques, similar to those on Flickr. The reason behind this is simple, as it helps prevent people from using Flickr Enlarger to download higher resolution versions of copyrighted photos. However, if the photo is released under the Creative Commons License, or the photographer has downloading enabled, the photo will be enlarged, if possible.

Find a Bug or Have a Great Idea for Flickr Enlarger?

Let me know!

Flickr Enlarger API

Are you a programer, or perhaps you someone who wants total creative control? Well, here is a breakdown of how you can create your own custom Flickr Enlarger URLs.

Photo URLs{photo-id}?{options}

In addition to the photo URLs, Flickr Enlarger also checks for a Flickr Photo URL in the referrer when a browser requests This is how the auto-link system works.


bgcolor (optional)

black (default) 000000
gray 808080
white ffffff
or any hexadecimal color number (without a hash mark)

You can manually specify the background color for the page, either by spelling out one of the 16 standard color names, or by entering any hexadecimal color number. (3ac2df) Short form hexadecimal codes are also supported. (f00)

size (optional)

auto (default) Tries to pick the best size, preferably ‘large’
medium (SD Video: 280p)
large (HD Video: 450p)
original (HD Video: 720p)

All sizes will fall back, if the requested size doesn’t exist. For example, if a photo doesn’t have a ‘large’ size, but has an ‘original’ size, it will attempt to use that. Likewise, if a photo only has a ‘medium’ size, it doesn’t matter which size you choose, as Flickr Enlarger will only display the medium size.

If the the photo-id is a video, Flickr Enlarger will try to show the largest version, be default. If you manually specify ‘medium’ it will show the medium sized standard definition version. If you choose ‘large’ or ‘original’ it will show the HD version, but at different sizes, as noted in the list above.

share (optional)

no (default)

This will display HTML code which can be used to link to the current page, with all of the current options intact.

Error Messages


The specified Photo ID does not exist.


The photo exists, but is not available to the public.

If the requested photo doesn’t exist, or isn’t public, the user will be shown to the appropriate error message.


Above are a few examples showing how you can create your own Flickr Enlarger URLs.


To keep the strain on Flickr’s servers to a minimum, all Flickr API requests are cached for one hour. So if you change the license on a photo, or re-upload a new version, it will not be reflected on Flickr Enlarger until the cache has been cleared.


Thanks for using Flickr Enlarger, I hope you find it useful! If you’d like to find out more about me, please checkout my Flickr Account, Photoblog, or Company website.

In case you didn’t realize already, Flickr Enlarger wasn’t built by Flickr, and isn’t endorsed by Flickr or have any connections to Flickr besides the fact that it uses Flickr’s public API to retrieve the image information. And as you can see, Flickr Enlarger is completely non-profit, and doesn’t earn any revenue by running this free service. It’s simply here to help fellow Flickr users, that’s all. So please, use Flickr Enlarger for good, not evil.